PP for Corporates

In the context of companies, Positive Psychology offers exciting starting points for optimising work processes, employee satisfaction and organisational culture. 
In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world of work, the principles of Positive Psychology can help to increase resilience, productivity and the general well-being of employees. This is not only about empowering the individual, but also about creating a work environment that enables the development of potential and thus contributes to the success of the company.

Opportunities for companies through PP

  • Promotion of a positive work culture with the opportunity to realise full potential
  • Promoting relationships (teamwork, positive communication,...)
  • Strengthening well-being (importance of self-care, stress management,...)
  • Promoting a positive and inclusive organisational culture
  • Strength orientation
  • Purpose / Meaning (work in connection with personal values and overall goals)
  • Perception as an attractive employer, thus attracting new employees 
  • Generation management: further development of cooperation and exchange between the different generations