Together over bridges

Life is a journey with many paths and forks, but no path has to be taken alone. 
In the SiNN.WOHL network, we see ourselves as companions on this journey, knowing that bridges are needed to overcome obstacles and gain new perspectives.
Together with our partners, we build these bridges, expand our skills, deepen our knowledge and open up new paths on the way to a fulfilled life.


Mental self-sabotage & potential development according to Dr. Bock 
Psychological counsellor 
Autonomy trainer according to Dr. Langlotz 

"Coming from a medium-sized Tyrolean entrepreneurial family, I have been working - after management experience as a marketing and brand manager - as a coach for professional and personal development, as a psychological consultant and management trainer since 2000. I am convinced that development must be people-centred. I conduct my consultations in Tyrol and Vienna."


(Universität St. Gallen / CH, 
Freie Universität Berlin / D) 

"For many years, I have been dealing with positive world views from philosophy, theology and psychology. 
As a scientist, lecturer and trainer, I want to make people's everyday lives more worth living. Starting with the individual, I look at society as a whole and am committed to a fulfilling life in a better world."


Psychotherapist and educator
Founder of the 
Academy for Positive Psychology

"In my work I want to open up possibilities for self-organisation of systems - in families, schools or companies.
I want to support people in using their own abilities to shape their lives in a benevolent and optimistic way."

Akademie für Positive Psychologie


Organisational developer
Lecturer at the 
Academy for Positive Psychology

"I still see myself as an interested companion of young people and adults and am grateful for every trust placed in me in this valuable work with people, colleagues and organisations."

Jutta Waltl