What our clients say...

"Many thanks, Anja and Petra. The participants were enthusiastic about your great workshop. I personally find the topic of "positive psychology" extremely exciting and important. Thanks to you, I was able to learn a lot and I am grateful to have taken part. See you very soon! ;)"
Klaus, St. Vigil

"It was eye-opening to realise how many strengths each of us has and how the different expressions create a unique profile. It was also very helpful to learn how I can concretely use my "signature strengths" more in my everyday life."
Linda, Milan

"It became clear to me again how important it is to notice and celebrate even the smallest steps towards achieving goals - personally and as a team."
Anna, Munich

"In this workshop I was able to rediscover and learn to appreciate the power of silence and active listening for myself."
Giuglio, Milan

"This format of the workshop was completely new and convincing for me. I firmly intend to shape future conversations in the sense of "walk the talk" both with my team and in my private environment."
Teresa, Brixen

"The gratitude exercise was calming and a nice way to start the team workshop."
Ramona, Munich


"It's been a real pleasure to have you in AMA Stay as an essencial key of our first ever edition of the AMA Community Days. Thank you for bringing Positive Psychology into our lives for the opening of these unforgettable days. I could have not imagined a better approach coming for such talented and charming women like you.
I can't wait for new opportunities to make our paths cross again."
Ana, Galway, Ireland