Anja Cserveny-Hiebel

Where I come from, where I am at the moment, where I am going....

My personal background is based on living in different countries, cultures and systems as well as my interest in people and their very personal developments. 
My learning journey has taken me from studying psychology, philosophy and education to training in coaching, NLP and communication and finally to positive psychology.

My professional career has an unmistakable HR focus. My heart topics in HR work are always the development of people and organisations as part of the corporate culture. In addition, I like to work tirelessly on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) issues.

With the newly gained insights from Positive Psychology, i.e. the science of well-being, the individual pieces of the puzzle suddenly make sense. Now I am taking my next step and, as co-founder of SiNN.WOHL, I am helping people and groups to integrate aspects of positive psychology into their everyday lives in order to bring about sustainable change in the world.

In addition to my professional knowledge, my experience as a trainer and coach will also help me. 
Strengths that will reliably accompany me are gratitude, curiosity, openness, social competence, humour, creativity and authenticity.