...we, Anja and Petra, happened to sit next to each other. At first, we only exchanged brief glances and polite smiles. Then we were allowed to introduce ourselves to each other in the 1st group work. During the course, our conversations became deeper and more substantial. Common ground was quickly found: a passion for the science of wellbeing, walking in nature, humour, music and dancing, and a desire to support others to reach their full potential.

The more we shared, the clearer it became that we were not just here to learn for ourselves. We sensed a deeper calling. A vision took shape: Together we could pool our expertise and use the principles of Positive Psychology to bring about lasting change in the world.
We were determined to make our vision a reality. 

And so we founded "SiNN.WOHL", a platform with the aim of inspiring, strengthening and encouraging people, teams and organisations with the knowledge and methods of Positive Psychology.
And so, through a chance encounter in a seminar room, a partnership was born that aims to make the world a little better through the power of Positive Psychology.